Where is Ubuntu lacking behind?

Disclaimer:- I am kernel developer and  I use Ubuntu a lot, at home, at work , on my central repository and backup server.

This is not a rant, but a genuine flaw i have found in the Ubuntu’s armour.

The meteoric rise with Ubuntu is phenomenal, it is good for FOSS community, for people because it gives them a choice, for average joe user because it works without much fuss(mostly).

All is cool, ubuntu works great(tm), no problems.

Ubuntu seem to have got everything right for average users.

But it lacks when it comes to users who do not fall into the category of being average.Don’t get me wrong, I am not whining for stability issues at desktop. I am talking about people who use/want to use Ubuntu on servers or as a development environment. Assuming that Ubuntu follows Debain’s legacy of stability seems to be a misnomer at some places.

These places, are dark sides where very few lurk into.I am one of those and i found Ubuntu not up to the mark.

Ubuntu’s builds turn out of be buggy and these includes a lot of packages which would be deployed on a server.

Has ubuntu ignored that Linux(including Kernel and userspace tools) itself is a pretty stable?

I see this as a smaller part of the bigger picture.Ubuntu does not have privilige of company of same hackers RedHat or Suse has.Well this does not means that RedHat and Suse builds are bugfree.


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