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Engineers Or Programmers?

Sometimes when i appear for a job interview something which pisses me off is the quality of questions some people ask. At times it is evident that they do not have even a clue what they are asking but still go ahead to show that “I am the boss now, because I am the one sitting in the chair now”.

That’s really disappointing. These so called technical interviewers are looking for programmers, even that would be a misnomer. What they are looking for are code monkeys, who cannot think. I want to work as an engineer not as a code monkey. Engineering is a subtle art which takes a lot of thinking and perservance to come by, while programming (no offence to any programmers out there), though art is different from engineering. Programming is like assembling a car, engineering is like building the parts for a good car.

Unfortunately what people expect in my country is employees who can program stupid tricky one liners under stress. Sounds gross, isn’t it? Since when programming became a 20-20 match of cricket. It is just like test cricket, beautiful but packed with finesse. What these people are looking for are some hotshots who have mugged few code snippets to weird puzzles. That’s not what gauges somebody’s true potential. I think the best way to gauge someone’s potential is to give a real life problem and ask the candidate to find a solution or rather debate a solution. That is what I will call engineering to some extent. Implementing ideas doesn’t take too much of time, it is the ideas which are hard to comeby.

I wish only if the companies realise this is this frenzy of hiring code monkeys.