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I want to use Linux(or not)

One of the interviewers in my recent appearance for a pretty big company landed me in a rather awkward situation. He gave me a big lecture on how GPL is not good for protecting IP of the company. And also how patents will be revealed if they release the source code for their software. BTW isn’t your patent available via google patent search?:)

Actually I felt like “Gosh! is this guy living in some prehistoric era or what?”. Seriously since when people have jeopardised their work by making their code GPL? Example see FsmLabs RTLinux. Or for that matter RCU mechanism in Linux kernel. Sure original companies have generously donated it but this makes it even more difficult to copy the patentable idea. Surprisingly they still want to use Linux kernel and thus use kernel but run closed drivers in userspace. Neat but horrible trick. It can be viewed as a classic example of what happens when some braindead management people start taking charge about techincal predicaments.

This brings us to yet another debate “Are software patents valid?” . My answer a big “NO”. Software patents are idiotic. Software/Algorithms is logically mathematics and patenting mathematics is ridiculous.

Imagine your kid comes to you and says – ” See Dad!, I found a way to solve this problem using my own Algorithm”. And you reply – ” Sorry Son, forget it… because my company has a patent on this Algorithm and thus you cannot use it, else you will be sued”.  “How do you know it Dad? “… “Because I filed it, Son”. Trust me he will curse you for a moment for filing that patent for something which is nothing but logically Mathematics.

Think over this.